What did we accomplish last school year????


Our Wilson families and Wilson staff work very closely to fill every need our school has!  With this, there are some WANTS that are sometimes overlooked!  The PTO tries to fill in with making sure all of the needs are met but also give them some WANTS!


1)  With our annual Write-a-Check fundraiser, we raised enough money to give Wilson an amazing sound system.  This will be used every week at Rise and Shine's and for all of the music program!



2)  We want all of our learners to participate in field trips and fun activities.  Our PTO gives $3000 each year to make sure no leaner is left behind!  This is a HUGE investment into our school!  This allows all 5th graders (who want to attend) to have a Pine Cove experience for 3 days!!  Also, the 4th graders travel to Austin and visit all of the wonderful Texas history sites there is to see!  


3)  The PTO also supports the library with 2 Book Fairs each year!  100% of all money raised goes directly back to the library!  This money is used for purchasing books, apps, website content, and it helps Ms. Marshall bring in authors to speak with our learners! 


4)  Wilson has a Talent and Art Show held each Spring, with proceeds directly supporting our specials teachers and their wonderful programs.  This is also a great way to see some of the talented kids that attend Wilson Elementary!  Don't leave early....our staff puts on a program that will make you laugh until you cry!


What is in store this year?  Stay tuned for more info!  If you have ideas, let us know!!!

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